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Whether you're an enthusiastic beginner, a passionate side hustler, or aiming to become a full-time professional, you can develop jaw-dropping magic that audiences will eat up! Through Steve Barcellona's online mentoring sessions, you'll gain the skills and insights needed to elevate your performance. With expertise in magic, marketing, and sales, Steve will guide you step by step toward becoming an exceptional performer who commands top rates. Book your private mentoring session today and unleash your full magic powers while unlocking the keys to lucrative bookings!

You will discover:

  • How to streamline your magic and make it more engaging. 
  • Choose the right effects to create a solid act that you can perform anywhere. 
  • Perfect your routines for real-world situations.
  • Learn how to work a room for maximum impact.
  • Power up your marketing with a professional look and message. 
  • Get higher fees and bonus perks from your clients
  • Book more gigs than ever before with Steve's guidance.
  • Plus, lots more.

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Real World Workers Raving Reviews
" sessions with him are unlike any other magic lessons I've had."

"Steve took me on as a student and put me on a path to finding the type of gig that would fit into my busy schedule as a practicing lawyer. He showed me how to make my material stronger, connect with my spectators, and how I could go out and find performing opportunities – that I never thought I could! 

Steve is a "magic director," and my sessions with him are unlike any other magic lessons I've had. We might brush up a sleight here or there, but mostly he is giving me encouraging notes and direction to help me find my voice, to make my time with spectators more authentic and honest – so that after I've spent time with people, they don't feel like they have seen a bunch of magic tricks. They feel like they met a magician. "  

Mike Post
Huntington Beach, CA

"He excels as my director, sales advisor, and marketing consultant."

“I highly recommend Steve Barcellona to anyone seeking a magic teacher. Steve is a versatile genius. He excels as my director, sales advisor, and marketing consultant and has a wealth of creative magic at his disposal. His feedback is spot-on and delivered with care. Working with Steve is a delightful experience, as he always fosters a collaborative partnership.”  

George Madrid
Boston, MA